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SOLO Sprayers

To carry by hand, on the shoulder or as backpack.

Manuel, with battery or combustion engine.

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SOLO Misters

Worldwide No. 1.

Powerful and durable.

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SOLO Blower

Strong as a hurricane and pleasantly quiet.

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SOLO Spreader

All-season use. Efficient and evenly distributed.

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Thanks to special seals for all pH ranges:

From acidic to alkaline. And also for foam.

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SOLO Cut-off machines

Strong, sturdy models for the toughest jobs. Every day.

Welcome to SOLO®

Plant protection, pest control, sanitary supply, disinfection… whether you're an occasional user, a discerning private user or a professional, you're guaranteed to find the right product to suit your requirements in our large range of sprayers and misters for manual operation, battery-operated or with a combustion engine.

Also made by SOLO®: Three powerful cut-off machines for the demanding jobs at construction sites to cut steel and metal.


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